What is Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts?

The basis of dentistry is the prevention of oral disease. Wear and tear, and trauma can cause tooth loss regardless of prevention practices.

The purpose of bone grafting is to preserve or create a site which allows the placement of a dental implant. An implant can be used to replace a missing tooth or several teeth.

At Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery, bone grafting immediately following the extraction of teeth preserves the jaw and prevents bone loss in preparation to have the tooth or teeth replaced by dental implants.

Bone grafting done as early as possible to the time the teeth are lost will help maintain the bone in preparation for a dental implant. Occasionally bone grafting is required long after teeth have been lost, in order to re-create the volume of bone required to place a dental implant.


When planning for implants in the maxilla (top jaw), a sinus lift may be required. This is a specific type of bone grafting procedure by which a small amount of bone graft is gently placed within your sinus cavity to allow your new implant to be completely surrounded by healthy bone.