Why is Tooth Extraction Required?

The removal of teeth (extraction of teeth) may be required for a number of reasons. Wear and tear, and trauma can cause tooth loss regardless of prevention practices. Some of the most common reasons requiring tooth extraction are:

1) Decay: Dental extractions are most commonly associated with decayed teeth that cannot be restored or “saved”. Decayed teeth are often painful and result in emergency appointments, where the consult and extraction occur on the same day at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery.

2) Periodontal (gum) disease: Extraction of teeth may be required for inflammation and infection at the gum level due to bacteria causing disease with the tissues that attach the teeth to the jaws. Your periodontist or general dentist may refer you to Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery for a tooth extraction if your periodontal disease cannot be improved by oral hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings.

3) Orthodontic treatment: Your orthodontist may require specific teeth to be removed to complete your treatment plan for proper alignment of your teeth and jaws. Our surgeons at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery work with your orthodontist to determine the best time for tooth extraction to occur during your orthodontic treatment.

What happens after my dentist or dental specialist sends a referral to Dr. Martyna at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery for tooth extraction?

The staff at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery will contact you to schedule an appointment for dental extractions and will recommend the appropriate level of anesthesia services, depending on your individual case, and our surgeons’ recommendations. More complex cases will require a consultation prior to surgery. Less complex cases will give you the option to complete the consultation on the same day as surgery, so you will only need to visit Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery once if you prefer.

Depending on your specific circumstances, your dentist or dental specialist may ask Dr. Martyna and Dr. Wong to discuss treatment options for the replacement of these teeth, including dental implants, with grafting at the time of extraction to preserve the jaw bone in preparation for dental implants.

How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of tooth extraction varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. The staff at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery will spend time with you reviewing the financial aspects of your individual treatment plan after a thorough consultation with one of our surgeons. You will always have the opportunity to review your treatment plan, including the cost, prior to surgery. This remains true for patients scheduled for consultation and treatment on the same day. Information regarding our financial policy can be found in the Patient Information section.

Tooth Extraction