Exposure of Impacted Teeth

What is the Exposure of Impacted Teeth?

It is quite common for wisdom teeth to become impacted and have trouble growing into their normal position. However, it is also possible for this to happen to other teeth. These teeth can be brought into position by an oral & maxillofacial surgeon through the process of exposing the impacted teeth. In some situations, our surgeons may glue a small bracket to the tooth, allowing your orthodontist to pull this tooth into the arch as part of your orthodontic treatment plan.

How Much Does the Exposure of Impacted Teeth Cost?

The cost of the removal of teeth varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. The staff at Kelowna Oral & Facial Surgery will review all financial aspects of treatment after a thorough consultation with our surgeons. You will always have the opportunity to review your treatment plan, including the cost, prior to surgery. This remains true for patients scheduled for consultation and treatment on the same day. Information regarding our financial policy can be found in the Patient Information section.